Awesome Friendly Experiments With Balloons

Colorful balloons are full of life. Everyone love to see the colorful balloons floating in air. Have you ever tried experimenting with balloons? Do you know, balloon cans really a great experimenting device?

Awesome Friendly Experiments With Balloons

If your answer to these questions is No, then you are here at the right place. We are here to share some of the awesome friendly balloon experiments ideas that would surely make your day. Here we begin…

Experiment With Thumb Pin And Balloons

Well, as already said if you are a kid, do this experiment with your mother. Take some thumb pins and inflate some of the colorful balloons. Let us start our experiment now:

  1. Inflate 2 colorful balloons and put them aside.
  2. Table a round table and put one thumb pin over it.
  3. Now put one balloon over the thumb pin to see what happens.
  4. On the round table, out several thumb pins, all decorated the balloons beautifully in a circular fashion.
  5. Now put the last balloon over the thumb pin circle to see what happens.

Inflate The Balloon And Pop Empty Balloon With Fire And Then Water-Filled Balloon With Fire.

Seems quite interesting but needs supervision of your parents. Let us start our experiment now:

  1. Inflate 2 colorful balloons, one with air and the other with water-filled inside it and put them aside.
  2. Table a round table and pop air-filled balloon with fire.
  3. On the round table, pop water-filled balloon with fire.
  4. What would you see? Any difference in both the experiments?

In The Next Experiment We Will Make A Balloon Specimen.

Do you want to learn about the process of making a balloon specimen? Hopefully yes, here we go..

  1. You just need to bring a glass jar.
  2. Inflate a balloon filled with water.
  3. Now take a paper, burn it and place it inside the jar.
  4. Keep the water-filled balloon over the jar in order to close its opening and shut the supply of oxygen to the jar.
  5. Can you think, what would happen? If no, just try this experiment under the supervision of your parents and get an overwhelming experience.

The Last But Not The Least Experiment Is With The Needle And With The Tape.

  1. Here again, we take 2 inflated balloons with air-filled inside both of them
  2. Take a needle and insert it in one of the balloons. Will it pop? Obviously yes.

Now take another balloon and apply a piece of tape over some of the areas. Now try to insert the needle. Do you think, it will go inside or remain on the surface of the balloon? Well, to know what happens, you will have to repeat the experiment at your home.

Wrapping Up

Above are some of the unique experimental ideas that you can try at home. If you are just a kid, do not forget to do these experiments in front of your mother as she is the best teacher and can help you better.

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