Should We Ban Helium Balloons

Balloon decoration has taken over most of the expensive party decoration ideas within a very short time. There are different ways to inflate balloon. Inflating balloons with helium gas is of the expensive and hard to find ways of decorating your special day with a unique idea. Some chemists have urged to put a ban on the helium balloon. What do you think? Should helium gas-filled balloons be banned or not?

Should We Ban Helium Balloons

Well, Helium gas can be used for various medical uses. It has very low-density and the thermal conductivity of this has is very high. This is the main reason to how this gas can be used in MRI scanners, for proper breathing of new born babies, and many other functions.

Reasons To Ban Helium Balloons

    1. This is quite a precious gas that is losing its identity by getting filed inside the balloons. In the coming years, if the same helium gas continues to fill the balloons, then the day will come when even the children will ask who fool used this gas to inflate the balloons. This is such a precious and limited gas that should be used with utmost care and perfection.

    2. Helium gas comes loaded with cooling power. This gas has cooling power in abundance. Some scientist even believes that if the gas isn’t banned for balloons, then there are high chances that the studies that are based on cooling properties of helium gas who be left incomplete. Scientists may not get sufficient gas to carry on with their research and experiments.

    3. As of now, it is the second most gas that is available in abundance. Once it is filled inside the balloons, it gets lost and can never be gained back. It cannot be manufactured so the amount left should be used for medical and other precious works instead of filling the balloons.

    4. The countries like the US are the hub for extracting helium gas from the earth’s crust. This country started extracting and storing this gas in the year 1920. It was only in the year 1990 that the country started selling it. After that, the price of helium gas has abruptly increased and there is no looking back since then.

    5. According to Robert Richardson, a professor from Cornell University, New York who commenced researching on helium gas and even received the noble prize for his research said that a helium balloon should cost over 75 dollars. This price will teach buyers about how limited this gas is.

    6. There is a balloon association that heard about this thought and is on continuous fight for the party balloons. This association is seeking for the right to get permission to supply the party balloons. According to them, the helium gas that is filled inside the balloons isn’t the pure one.

Wrapping Up

It contains impurities that make it fit for the inflation. The pure form of helium gas is used for MRI scanners but the real gas that is filled inside the balloons is not in its pure form. With this, we believe that the suppliers will understand how important this gas is.

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