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Big idea: A floating device

His balloon delivery service has helped a couple get back together. No wonder he calls himself Chief Happiness Officer

It's not everyone who can boast about having a job that can make people smile or even mend broken relationships.

Ashwin Kannan, founder of BookMyBalloons, which delivers balloons to one's doorstep, calls himself the `Man who delivers Happiness'. Case in point: a young couple broke up with the girl promising never to see the boy's face again. A day before her birthday, the young man called Kannan's hotline to ensure that 100 balloons plus 10 polka-dotted ones reached the girl's home at 6.30 am. "I received a call from the boy thanking me for helping the relationship get back on track," Kannan says. "The balloons had done the trick."


Ashwin Kannan (30),
Founder, BookMyBalloons