Baby Boy Blue Foil – DIY


    NOTE - Please choose a delivery time of 1 or 2 hours before the start of the event, so that the balloons last long.


This Baby Boy Blue Foil balloon represents the new arrival of your baby boy in the family. These foil balloons look very awesome and make your home decor more attractive. This balloon will definitely attract visitors to the Baby Shower party and new borne arrival. This is a DIY Baby Boy Blue foil balloon, that comes with 1 pcs Foil Balloon comes with a straw. This foil balloon will help you to make the newborn baby’s arrival a more memorable occasion for parents and visitors. Create the most unforgettable entrance for your baby boy with our Baby Boy Foil Balloon.

Product Details

  • What Will You Get: 1 Pcs Baby Boy Shape Foil Balloon with Straw
  • How to Fill With: All Balloons can be filled with air or Helium. These Foil Balloons/ Latex Balloons Filled with Air will stay full for up to 72 Hours, While Helium will stay full for 3-6 Hours. Ideal Foil and Latex Balloon Decorations for Party.
  • Quality Baby Shower Decoration: Our Balloons are Crafted of Durable Foil or Strong Latex, Will Hold up to 72 Hours for Celebrating. A Complete Baby Shower Party Decoration can Satisfy the Entire Party Event at one time, You can have an Exciting and Memorable Baby Shower Party with Everyone.