2 Sets Table Balloon Stand Kit



Balloon stands are a great addition to any Perfect table decorations for Birthdays, Weddings, Holidays, anniversaries, get-togethers, showers, Thanksgiving, Christmas home parties, shopping mall openings, festivals celebrations, and daily decorations, as they help you hold up balloons and make it easier to manage them. These balloons and the stand themselves are made of premium materials. Our balloon stand kits, which are very inexpensive, are lightweight, yet sturdy, and quickly assemble. We offer you this for an affordable price.

Package Details

  • 2 x Balloon Table Holder Stand Kit Set
  • This includes 7 balloons for each kit and installation.
  • Color: Transparent color
  • Material: Plastic

How to Make Beautiful Balloon Table Centerpieces

Step 1: Assembled the table balloon stand.
Step 2: Blow up 7 balloons for each balloon stand. Latex balloons or foil balloons are okay.
Step 3: Tied balloons to the cups.
Step 4: Then a beautiful balloon table centerpiece is ready.


Package including 1 set of balloon stands with cups includes 11 sticks, 7 cups, 4 union joints, and 1 base per kit.