3ft Led Marquee Numbers

    • 1000 ₹


LED marquee numbers are an effective and inexpensive way. 3ft Led Marquee Numbers are perfect for festivities, room decor, reception counters, or any other place. Use them to spell words, display initials, or sentiments as you please, and for other special occasions memorable; They can be hung anywhere you choose. The light source is a LED color-changing flexible strand that can be cut to adjust the length. They’re versatile and fun! You can select the age numbers that you want from us.

Package Details

  • Height- 3ft height
  • Width – 3 ft

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Letter?

Each letter rents for Rs.1000/- per number.

2. Are the Letters Waterproof?

No. They can sit outdoors and are heavy enough to withstand wind. They are not waterproof and should not be exposed to water.

3. How Long Can I Rent The Letters?

Our standard rental time is 1 day. We do rent the letters for extended periods. Please contact us to inquire about extended rental fees.

4. How Soon Should I Place My Order?

We do run out of stock of certain letters. We highly advise booking your rental as soon as you have your event date to ensure your desired letters are secure.

5. How Big are the Letters?

3 feet in height.

6. Do All Letters Come with Bulbs?

All our letters and symbols come with white turbo bulbs.

For more details call 8088880011.