Air Balloons


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    NOTE - Please choose a delivery time of 1 or 2 hours before the start of the event, so that the balloons last long.


Air Balloons have the ability to take a simple celebration and make it better. It is the perfect item for bringing more fun and party spirit to your events. Use it at birthdays, sports games, holiday celebrations, school festivals, or even a night out with friends. With Air Balloons there are no limits to what you can do or where you can go.

Product Details

  • Balloon Size – 9 inches
  • Minimum Quantity – 100 nos
  • Ideal to let loose or can be made into bunches of Sunflower shape
  • Lifetime – Normal balloons will last 10 hours maximum under normal temperatures.
  • Balloons can be delivered anywhere in Bangalore between 6 am to 10 pm.
  • Colours Available – Light Blue /Dark Blue/White/Black/Gold /Silver /Red /Brown/Yellow /Teal /Peach /Dark Green/Light Green/Light Pink/Dark Pink /Orange /Purple


  • Air balloon decorations to make in beautiful Bunches of 5 (Sunflower shape) or Singles on the floor.
  • We use Paper Tapes, which will not leave marks/damage to the wall. This includes Transport, delivery, and Decoration at your place anywhere in Bangalore.

To know more details – Call or Whatsapp – 8088880011.