Balloon Hand Pump (Model 1)



Now, you can make your balloon fly without using your mouth or an air pump. The Balloon Hand Pump (Model 1) inflates balloons quickly and easily with just the pull of a string. This durable, plastic-and-metal hand pump makes it easy to blow up balloons for parties or other events. The pump fits all standard-size balloons and comes in a cute mint color. The Balloon Hand Pump design enables you to inflate the balloons quickly, which means high efficiency. The balloon hand pump has a flexible tube and a good-sized mouth for quick and easy inflation. It’s lightweight, compact, and can easily be stowed in your backpack or carry-on bag, making it ideal for traveling.

Package Details

  • Simply place a balloon on the nozzle and pump to inflate – couldn’t be easier!
  • You get 1 pump that measures 18.5cm H x 4.5cm W