Beautiful Butterfly Theme Birthday



A butterfly-themed birthday party is an adorable choice for a little girl’s upcoming party. This butterfly-themed party is suitable for a teenage girl. The butterfly theme is ideal for all types of parties, including those in the garden or on a beach. Several gorgeous butterfly-themed decorations were hanging around the walls. A butterfly theme is usually popular for babies, children, and teen birthday parties. It is a perfect theme for girls of all ages, toddlers, infants, and adults too. At Book My Balloons, you will get this butterfly-themed birthday party in a grand and luxurious.

Package Details

  • 6ft Circular Backdrop with Kid’s Name Laser cut on the backdrop.
  • Organic Arch with Normal And Jumbo Balloons
  • Brass Butterfly on the arch
  • Butterfly Paper Hangings on the ceiling – 30 nos
  • 5ft by 4ft Customised Cake Table with Butterfly Prints
  • 1 Cake Stand – Rentals
  • 2 Cup Cake Stand – Rentals
  • 2 Balloon Pillars – 4ft height with Butterfly foil balloon on top
  • 1 Entrance Arch
  • 100 Air Balloons (Butterfly Designs)
  • 25 Helium Balloons
  • 1 Welcome Board with Easel stand
  • Complimentary – 10 Caps /10 Masks /10 Whistles /1 Party Popper /1 Ribbon spray/1 Cake cutting knife/1 Number Candle
  • 2 Led Parcans