Candid Photography – Events & Birthdays



Candid Photography is the greatest way to gift your loved ones with the last memory of their memorable events. If you are holding an event or planning to host a party, our candid photographers create crisp vivid pictures that capture when the laughing, crying, smiling and singing everyone gets caught in a photo. Candid photography is about that. We will succeed in getting you those precious scenes in a professional and friendly manner. We capture all those moments that were unexpected and rare thus making your party more joyful.

Package Details

  • Candid Photography duration of 3 hours in only one location.
  • Every extra hour of work is chargeable proportionate to the base rate.
  • The number of pictures per shoot ranges from 150 to 200.

Things to Remember

  • The photographer is available for a maximum of 4 hours.
  • The Edited pictures will be delivered to the client’s address within 10 working days from the event date.