Bride & Groom Foil Combo



    Helium Balloons - 6 to 8 hours only.
    Air Balloons - 10 to 12 hours only.

    Kindly choose delivery time 1 or 2 hours before the event start time.


This Bride and Groom Foil combo is perfect for all your upcoming weddings and will add glitz, glam, and merriment to it. This bride and groom balloon is a unique way to add some fun to your wedding or another party. In addition, it can be filled with helium so it can float around the room like in the images. These balloons are a fun way to decorate for a party, and they can also be filled with helium. A pair of bride and groom balloons is an inoffensive decoration that somehow manages to be both elegant and fun.

Product Details:

  • 1 Bride Suit – Floating
  • 1 Groom Gown- Floating
  • Groom:58*118cm
  • Bride :70*118cm