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Dipping different treats and fruit in chocolate would be a fun way of serving desserts, especially if you do it at special events. A chocolate fountain at parties, events, and other special occasions will be a fun and unique way to serve desserts. And getting different kinds of dip to accompany it would be fun and treat to both taste buds and eyes. If you want an alternative way of serving desserts at your party or event, our chocolate fountain would be a fun and unique way to do it. Having a chocolate fountain at parties will give your guests a unique way to eat their desserts. So, book from us.

Product Details

  • Chocolate fountain for 100 pax
  • Duration – 3 hrs
  • We will come to your venue or home with one of our 27” fountains which will easily cater for 10 to 20 guests at a time.
  • We will set-up and stay with the fountain for either 2 – 3  hours. All guests will be shown how to use the fountain and at the end we will clear everything away, so you don’t have to worry about ANY of the cleaning up.
  •  Our package includes Hershelys chocolate syrup for the amount of guests required
  • Strawberries, marsh mallows, wafers and one other fruit dip. You are welcome to supply extra dips if you want.

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