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When decorating for a birthday or anniversary, consider our confetti balloons age combo. They are stylish and luxurious decorations that will bring more joy to the visitors. These confetti balloons will brighten up your party. These balloons would embellish the atmosphere and bring more joy to the visitors. It will also charm up the birthday party or anniversary and makes a stylish and luxurious decoration. It makes a stylish and luxurious decoration and adds more joy to the visitors. Impress everyone with our confetti balloons for your party or special occasion.

Product Details

The above set is available in the following 3 colors:

    • Rose Gold
    • Gold
    • Silver

This Balloon set includes the followings:

      • 40 inches Number Balloons
      • 5pcs – Rose gold Latex Balloons
      • 3pcs – Ivory Latex Balloons
      • 4pcs – Rose gold Confetti Balloons
      • 2pcs – Rose gold Star Foil Balloons
      • 1pcs – Rose gold Confetti Balloons