Mercedes Car Entry



If you have kids and want a special day for them, then the present is a Mercedes Car Entry. This entry service will be provided by Book My Balloons to make your little one feel happy with the presence of this Mercedes Car on their important day. Your children will be the special ones on their birthday. They feel special when they see themselves in the car. The way children will see Mercedes cars is going to be memorable. It’s unique and different, it’s using a new approach and the touch of being unique is bound to make the car introduction more special.

Package Details

  • This is a rental Mercedes for kids aged between 1 to 5 yrs.
  • Duration – 1 Hrs
  • 1 Car
  • 1 Coordinator


It is only for the entry of the kid and not for the entire duration event.

A birthday boy/girl will come in the car from the main entrance to the stage.

For details contact 8088880011/22.