Message on Balloons Boquet


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    Helium Balloons - 6 to 8 hours only.
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Balloons Bouquets is great for decorating, presenting gifts, and surprising. You can also personalize the balloons with whatever message you want. You can use it to decorate, present gifts, and surprise your friends. When you want to send gifts, the best way to go is with these Message Bouquet balloons. So if you want to make them special, then customize your balloons with whatever message you want. Using these balloons to express love during special occasions can add a surprising touch. In Book My Balloons, we customize the balloons with whatever message you want.

Product Details:

  • 1 Customised Message Balloon filled with Feathers or Balloons inside
  • 8 Chrome Balloons – Black and Gold
  • 4 Gold Confetti Balloons