Trampoline – Kids


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There are many ways to exercise. For example, running, swimming, yoga, and sit-ups. But Trampoline is a great way to exercise that will get you in shape without the side effects of other methods. In addition to being a fun and healthy way to get exercise, this trampoline helps your kids to burn calories and improve their heart health by enjoying them. It also gives you a low-impact exercise experience, If you’re looking for something to get the kids outdoors and make their hearts healthier, this trampoline will help do that. You can order it from Book My Balloons at an affordable price for 3 hrs party rentals.

Package Details

Age Range: Junior

Durability: Spring cover. Non-slip foot pads. Steel frame.

Weight: 8.5 kg

Diameter: 110 cm

Restriction of use: 80kg maximum user weight. Home Use Only.

Versatility: Can be used by children and adults: play or physiotherapy.

Height: 23 cm

Comfortable: Jumping surface diameter: 80cm

Guarantee: 2 Years