Ducati Bike Entry




Having a Ducati bike entry for your kids is amazing for a birthday surprise with family and friends. You will possibly share a thrilling experience when you enter with your birthday boy or girl on the Ducati bike and it brings a surprise moment to the visitors. With that, we give you the joyful exuberance which they feel when you drive the bike. It’s a truly invigorating experience for all. The purpose of this surprise is to celebrate the occasion of a birthday or anniversary uniquely. The Ducati bike packages are provided at very affordable rates in Book My Balloons to ensure that many customers can avail of this service.

Product Details:

  • 1 Car
  • 1 Coordinator
  • It is only for entry of the kid and not for the entire event
  • Duration is a maximum 1 hour


The birthday boy/girl will come in the car from the main entrance to the stage.

Things to Remember:

Duration: This is only for entry to stage it may take a maximum (1 hr min service).