Home Birthday Combo


    NOTE - Please choose a delivery time of 1 or 2 hours before the start of the event, so that the balloons last long.


In this day and age, every kid’s birthday party seems to cost a bundle. Book My Balloons.com is a leader in the party service business and offers affordable ways to put on fabulous parties. We have various themed party products for use in making parties more fun and exciting. We also offer unique party supplies that are imaginative and fun. BMB Combo 09 supplies include customer favorites like temporary tattoos, balloons, and banners. It’s suitable for small events, birthday parties, corporate events, or putting together a beautiful housewarming.

Package Details

  • Balloon Decoration -100 Air balloons + Happy Birthday Foil Letters (13 nos) which will be stuck on the wall.
  • Tattoo Artist – Duration – 3Hrs
  • Magic show – 45 minutes duration.


This Combo is Suitable for home birthday parties for 20 – 30  kids.