Storybook Decor



This storybook decor is one of a kind. This beautiful decor comes in the shape of a book, with the cover designed as an antique storybook. It contains many details all over and gives it so much more elegance to add to your party space. The lettering on the book is elegant and themed for your occasion. Additionally, this product has the look and feel of a great storybook with wonderful detail in these paint and materials. The background, bottom, middle, and top parts of the decor are different from each other; however, they make up an excellent centerpiece for your party decorations. A beautiful package where you can rewind your memories like a Storybook with a beautiful arch decoration. Grab it from us at an affordable price.

Product Details

  • Storybook Panel size – 6ft width by 8ft height (2nos)
  • Organic arch
  • 100 Air Balloons
  • 40 Helium Balloons