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When it’s time to liven up your party without splurging on expensive décor, the evergreen balloons can play an important role. A DIY balloon arch is simple to design yet capable of enhancing the overall beauty of the venue. You can use fishing line balloon arch ideas to create a simple and stylish balloon arch.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use a fishing line for balloon arch décor.

1. Design & Planning

First and foremost, it’s important to sketch your thoughts on how you plan to make balloon arches.  You can draw a general shape you want your arch to take, either a traditional arch or a unique design with an incomplete arch. Write down the things you would need to get started like balloons in the colors of your choice (9-inch diameter is ideal), Helium or air, fishing line, scissors, big-size plastic bags, sand, tissue paper, ribbon, etc.

2. Take Measurements

Once the location for the arch is finalised, check how long you want the balloon arch to be. To get an idea regarding the number of balloons required, divide the diameter of the balloons by the length of the arch.  You can buy a few extra balloons, just in case some of them pop while creating the arch. Always buy the best fishing line for balloon garland. Cut the fishing line 24 inches more than the arc length. It is advisable to double the length of the fishing line as any excess can be easily cut off in the end. Thread your needle with the fishing line and tie a quick knot to secure it onto the needle.


Balloon Arch Decorations

3. Secure the Arch

To add weight on either side of the balloon arch, fill two big plastic bags with sand and cover them completely by gluing tissue papers of the same color as the balloons to be used, or the color that goes with the decor. Now tie one of the fishing lines to the sandbag, and the other by stretching and tying it to any sturdy object that could support it. Frame the arch with the help of hooks or nails to the wall or any other area where you plan to hang it.

4. Create the Arch

Start with inflating the balloons and tying them by locking the neck with the fishing line, and then fixing it with an overhead knot. You should be careful that all balloons should have the same diameter, and tie them in a way, that they remain fixed with the rest of the set. You can tie ribbons around the neck of the balloon to add some texture to it.

5. Final Touch

Once you have attached balloons to a section of the fishing line, you can then move them back down the line closer together to make the space fuller. Now adjust the balloons carefully so that you do not end up popping them up. Now untie the fishing line from the sturdy object, attach it to the other sandbag, place it according to the length of the arc and adjust all the balloons to give the final touch. Your balloon arch is now ready. These are the perfect fishing line balloon arch ideas for party decorations.

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