How To Make A Balloon Arch With A Fishing Line

Balloons are evergreen, no matter what the occasion is; you can use them anywhere, in any way you want. Balloon decorations look simple, yet so amazing, and enhance the beauty of other decorations. Besides lots of decorations, building a balloons arc is simple, and looks promising, in any function. So here are few steps to make a balloon arc using fishing line.

How To Make A Balloon Arch With A Fishing Line

1. First of all, talk about the things you would need to get started. They are: Balloons in the colors of your choice (9 inch diameter is ideal), Helium or you can just use air, Mono filament fishing line (15-30 pound test), Scissors ,Heavy duty quart size plastic bags, Sand, Tissue paper, Ribbon.

2. Second, see how long you want your arc to be, then divide the diameter of the balloons by that, you will roughly get the idea of how many balloons you need. You can buy extra 5-6 balloons, just in case some of them pop up. Now cut the fishing line, of length, 24 inches more, than the arc length.

3. You have to now fill two plastic bags, with sand, and cover them with tissue paper of the same color as balloons, or the color that best suits it. Now tie one of the fishing line to the sand bag, and other by stretching and tying to a chair, or similar object that could support it.

4. Blow up the balloons, and tie them, by locking the neck with the fishing line, and then fixing it with overhead knot. You should be careful that all balloons should have same diameter, and tie them in a way, that they remain straight with each other. You can tie ribbons around the neck, to add some extra eye catching feature.

5. Now adjust the balloons, and make them in a line, don’t do it forcefully, as you may end up popping up some balloons. Now untie the fishing line from the chair, attach it to the other sand bag, place it according to the length of the arc and adjust all the balloons in order to give final touch. Your arc is ready.

These 5 simple steps can help you to decorate any occasion with balloon arc, that too without any difficulty, I hope you made a good arc out of these steps.

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