How To Make Balloon Columns

Balloons can be used in every occasion. Building columns from balloons are common in decoration now days. They’re difficult to make, but if you try and follow the steps I am going to tell you, you can surely end up building a good column. Let’s start with the things you need.

How To Make Balloon Columns

You will need some 11″ high quality latex balloons in two different color of your choice and 5″ high quality latex balloons in the same colors, your pre-prepared sturdy base, balloon sizer and an electrical inflator.

For making a balloon column of height 7’3″, you’ll need a stand of 6’2″, 17 11″ balloons and 52 5″ balloons. Have some extra balloons, in case of any bursts.

1. Take four 11’ balloons, and start blowing them up with an inflator. With sizer, make them of equal size. Now tie the balloons, by the neck and make sure they’re tied tight enough.

2. Now take two balloons, and tie there neck together, by giving them a round against each other, and tying a knot. Professional can do it with the necks only, you can use additional thread or ribbon if you’re having any problem.

3. With the pair of two tie balloons, adjust them at 90 degree with each other, cross them and make the tight. It should be in a way that, same color should be at opposite side. Now put them on the stand and make sure they’re tight enough.

4. Now all you have to do it placing the balloons one above another, in order to make a big column.

5. You can also try different configuration, just inflate the balloons of 8” and try to place the four balloons pack, with other pack of four balloons, at 90 degree angles.

Your column is ready for the decorations; you can use your innovation, and try something different with the columns. I hope you made a good column.

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