How to Make a CD Balloon Hovercraft?

Times have changed and today fun doesn’t mean pranks, it means science. There are many ways to have fun with science, may it be in the chemistry lab or out in the open field. All you have to do is get a little creative, have some nerve, be a little fun loving and explore a little. Then there is science to help you out with the rest.


One such creative fun science activity is making a CD balloon hovercraft. No more paper planes and whooshing around in the park, you can now just sit and home and have your own hovercraft. It can also be used for kids’ school activity, an exhibition fun stall or simply at a fun festival. None of these are less fun than the other. Uses are many and the work behind making it is simple.

You need four simple and easily available things to start this activity. You need a balloon and CD, which by now is apparent with the name of the activity ‘CD balloon hovercraft’. You also need the lid of a pop-up water bottle and something to stick. You can have a hot glue gun but if you don’t, do not worry, super glue will do a good job as well.

  • Place the bottle pop- up lid on the one and the only centre hole of the CD so that the two holes are in line with each other.
  • Use super glue to stick the water bottle lid to the CD in the same position.
  • Push the pop- up lid so that it closes now.
  • Inflate the balloon next.

And like with every experiment here comes the crucial and tricky part or this activity.

  • Stretch the top of the balloon over the lid’s push up part without causing any deflation in the balloon.

It is important to get this part right because any deflation in the balloon will cause the loss of pressure that will not yield desirable results for the hovercraft.

  • For this part what you can do is pinch tightly right above the opening and releases it after you have stretched the opening over the push- up part of the lid.

Once you have completed making the CD balloon hovercraft, you can now have it glide over a large space with smooth surfaces like tiles or floor.

  • To start your hovercraft, use the push-up part to open the pop-up lid.

Sit back and have fun watch it glide over the floor and take its own direction as the pressure from the balloon pushes the system making it glide about the surface.

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