10 Fun Ways To Incorporate Balloons Into Your Big Day

Balloons are a perfect way of bringing happiness to someone’s life. Especially Children run after Balloon sellers when they come to the nearby shops or the market. Balloons, of course, can become a great source of decoration in Parties, occasions, or any other special event that really means a lot to you. We are here with the 10 funniest ways that can be used in order to incorporate balloons into your that special or we call it Big Day:

  1. Incorporating Balloons into your Ceremony
  2. Some people may find it a bit crazy and childish but it really makes a sense. You can add balloons to your ceremony to give it an elegant and classy look. Make sure you stick to any particular color that matches with your ceremony theme. Just imagine yourself walking down the ceremony with a bunch of balloons. Feeling something really great. Right?

  3. Give one Balloon to the Girl of your life
  4. The things won’t be much cute than this when you will present a red color balloon to your girl-in-partner. You can showcase your expressions by writing something over it. This will keep your girl partner energized and happy throughout the day.

  5. Change the pattern of giving roses
  6. If you are tired of repeating the same red roses, change your pattern to balloons rather. This would be fun and a total memorable event.

  7. Using balloon as a photo prop
  8. Make your ceremony special by using special colored balloons as props while photo shoot. Hand over similar color balloons to the bride and groom to give this photo shoot a classy look.

  9. Using Balloons as a part of backdrop
  10. The Photo booth is one such think that has significantly gained importance. Everyone loves to attach photo booth, and it is rather easier to create according to your style. Start decorating balloons from the bottom, go to the heights, and see the never seen balloons effects.

  11. Highlighting sentiments
  12. Use balloons to express your sentiments of love, sorry, Happy Birthday wishes etc. You can either write complete words or use individual balloons representing single alphabets.

  13. Welcoming Guests with Balloon
  14. Just imagine some of your friend or relative coming from abroad and you escort him or her with the balloon of his or her name tied to a string. Sounds great!

  15. Incorporating Balloons to write the table number of your guests
  16. If you have a theme party and you want your guests to be seated at a pre-arranged table only, then you can use Balloons to highlight which table belongs to which guest. This will simply your work and add beauty to your party.

  17. Do Topping over Cake
  18. This is rather a unique idea where you will use balloon either to mention your ceremony date or to present your emotions and feelings here.

  19. Car decoration
  20. The last but not the least funky idea to make your big day special is to decorate the car you are planning to bring your bride in.

All of these 10 funkiest tips are easy and very cost-effective. You can select any f these to make your special day a bigger one.

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