10 Hot Air Balloon Decorations Ideas For Birthday Party

Balloons can bring a smile to anyone in any situation. They actually symbolise the color of joy and happiness. Celebrating a birthday party without decorating with balloons is like having sweet without sugar. Decoration with the help of balloons adds more color to the party evening. If you are planning to decorate your event in a more professional way, then hot air balloon decoration idea isn’t bad at all.

10 Hot Air Balloon Decorations Ideas For Birthday Party

Nowadays many of the expert event management teams in Bangalore organise any kind of party, be it a birthday or be it an anniversary. They are experts in handling the whole party professionally and successfully. If one searches on the internet using the keyword Birthday Event Management Bangalore, then he or she can get a vast list of skilled event management team for organising a birthday party.

This team can help you to decorate your birthday party themes with hot air balloons which they can decorate with different ideas. Here are the ideas are given below which the team takes to decorate the birthday party.

1. Order The Cake With Hot Air Balloon:

Cake cutting is the main attraction to celebrate a birthday. And if you are planning to decorate a themed birthday party with hot air balloon then order hot air balloon cake. The cake can be decorated with one or more colored hot air balloon which may leave the impression to the guests.

2. Decorate The Room With Hot Air Balloon Garland:

You may decorate your room with hot air balloon garland which your team will create. This handmade garland can be tapped to twine or on the wall. This decoration will surely make your party more wonderful.

3. Hot Air Balloon Party Favors:

Make the decoration with hot air balloon party favors with stuffed animals and give a surprise to your guests. Those balloons can be decorated with the garland and can be attached to the small basket where each basket will have some stuffed animals.

4. Hot Air Balloon Cake Pops:

Hot air balloons can be displayed in cake pop which will definitely look adorable and will give a special touch to the guests.

5. Hot Air Balloon Light Bulbs:

If you have an old light bulb in your home then it can be reused in your themed birthday party. Hot air balloon light bulbs can be created with the help of water bottle caps, fabric, etc. It will be a fabulous decoration in your hot air balloon themed party.

6. Hot Air Balloon Cookies:

Serve some cookies as a starter in your party with the designed hot air balloon. These colored cookies may give the guests some vintage feeling.

7. Decorate With Beach Ball Hot Air Balloon:

The room can be decorated by creating a hot air balloon using a beach ball. This would be the outstanding centrepiece on the dessert table or even at the dining table.

8. Hot Air Balloon Cupcakes:

Serving the cupcakes with designed hot air balloon can make your guests more honoured. Printed cupcake wrappers with hot air balloon toppers will add some extra spices to the dish.

9. Vintage Hot Air Balloon Party:

Make some hot air balloons, and these can be attached to the top of the suitcase or on the cookie stand to make the party vintage and more adorable.

10. Decorate The Table:

Decorate the dessert table with hot air balloon. The dessert table can be decorated like a cloud balloon garland with printed hot air balloons cascades.

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