Toddler Birthday Party Dos and Don’ts

So you are a proud parent to a naughty yet extremely adorable a toddler? And you are toying with the idea of throwing a birthday party for him and her, and might be also looking for great birthday party organizers in Bangalore or in your own location, wherever in the world that might be, you must just stop and think it all over before you take on the final plunge.

birthday party dos and dont

First of all, the first few birthday’s that your kid must have experienced must be the homely ones where the family members and the relatives gather and bestow enough of love to the small baby, however, as they grow up in both length and thinking capabilities, you need to think a bit more to keep them busy and in terms with the outer world.

With your baby stepping into the toddler stage where they are more keen to socializing and making new friends, thinking of throwing a toddler party after arranging the best of the birthday party organizers in Bangalore or wherever you are is something great to do, however you just need to rethink on your decision of getting that expensive clown or cartoon in the party as these toddlers and kindergarten goers are easily tempted and easily freaked out as well.

Thus before being a spendthrift and spending a bit too much for the party, here comes some of the useful toddler party do’s and don’ts that you need to understand before taking the final call.

The Toddler Party Do’s

• Keep it short & crisp:

It is extremely important to understand when to end the party. For a successful toddler party for the small two year olds, party and fun for an hour to about a hour and a half is just about perfect. The elder ones from three to five can go from a hour and a half to two hours before they get tired out.

Also understand that the time to keep the party is important where it should not clash with the toddler’s nap time. The best times are post lunch parties to late morning parties where the toddlers are active and kicking. Also, keep the guest list in check to ensure everything is well in place and arranged.

• Let your toddler decide a bit:

Just to give them a hint of ownership, you can try giving your toddler some benefit of choosing the likes of flavor of the cake, the theme and et al. This will increase their interest and make them happier.

• Plan games as per the age:

Plan out the party with regards to the age group that you are catering to. While toddlers are not really patient, try out games which are of short durations and are fun too.

• Take some help:

It is really not easy to plan and execute a toddler party and thus accept any form of help that your guests or your relatives might offer.

The Toddler Party Don’ts

• Inform the parents well:

If you are holding the party at lunch time, let your invitation state whether they can expect lunch, mention the time duration, date, venue and other conditions well such as whether to get gift or without one so that the adults can use the info wisely.

• You need not entertain the adults:

While the stars of the party are the toddlers, create a self-help for the parents who can take the food themselves and spend some quality time with the kids.

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