10 Creative And Fun Wedding Balloon Ideas

India is a land of festivals and ceremonies. We celebrate different occasions on a regular basis. Birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, company success parties and many more other personal occasions have become a matter of special celebrations. In metros these trend has increased a lot. Balloons are indispensable part of celebrations. There are many balloon decorators in Bangalore who provide professional services. They have online portal through which people can order balloons. One can hire their services for doing balloon decoration. One can also take help of venue decorators for doing the decoration.

balloon decorators in Bangalore

For weddings, balloons can make the moments more memorable. They have the capacity to transform a lifeless event into a lively place. Backdrops, wedding table, entrance gate of venue of wedding etc. are different kinds of places where balloons can make an impact through good decoration. Flowers are nowadays difficult to arrange so in case of emergencies, balloons can come to the rescue of wedding decorators.

Some Creative Wedding Balloon Ideas Are As Follows:

A one/two Balloon Ideas

There can be a theme of coloured balloons in which only a particular set of balloons can be used for decorating by balloon decorators in bangalore all over the place. It will go along with background colour of the stage where the wedding ceremonies happen, it can match with the costume designs etc. It can be a central theme of the wedding. Like blue and white colour, red and white etc.

Big balloons With Special Messages

There can be only few big balloons which can used which carry special message like ‘Countdown starts’,‘ will Wish you a happy married life ’etc.

Giving Balloon To The Guest

Everyone can be given a balloon which they need to burst when the rings are exchanged or wedding vows are taken as a mark of celebration. So noisy firecrackers place can be taken by the balloons.

Photo Booth

There can be a photo booth created of balloons where one can take pictures. It can be decorated with different types of balloons.

Balloon Room

Kids love balloons. There can be a balloon room created for kids where all sorts of balloons can be kept for kids to enjoy.

Balloons Designed In The Shape Of Alphabets And Numbers

There can be balloons which can be of specific alphabets or numbers. Like the wedding date in the shape of balloons or the names of the bride and groom in the shape of balloons with a heart in the middle.

Balloons As Chandeliers

Balloons as chandeliers can be arranged with pics of bride and groom tied along a small rope.

Car decoration

The car can be decorated with balloons.

Other Areas

Along with the stage other areas like tables and chairs and the wedding dining table arranged for guests can also be decorated with balloons. A colourful cake display can be decorated with the help of balloons.

Balloon arch

A balloon arch can be created at the entrance of the wedding venue.

There are many professional balloon decorators who provide all these services.

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