3 Different Types of Balloon Printings

Balloon printing is one of the latest and fastest growing advertising techniques. This strategy is a cost-effective technique that directly a business’ products and services message to the wide number of people. We can say that Balloon Printing is one of the crazes for small to medium and large-scale business holders.
There are different types of Balloon printing. We are here to discuss some of the popular balloon printing techniques in detail:

Types of Balloon Printing

1) Balloon Printing on Foil Balloons

Balloon Printing on Foil Balloons is a classy and sophisticated balloon printing task. Foil Balloons are made of a special material called mylar that comes with a self-sealing valve. This feature allows users to use it continuously. You can buy this balloon and see for yourself that this balloon stays longer than other balloons. We provide provision of delivering Foil balloon in a box in order to give surprise to your loved ones on their special occasion. Many corporate organizations use vinyl stickers to promote their company’s logo as well.

Different forms of printed Foil Balloons:

  1. Shaped Foil Balloons: Available in different shape like Doraemon, Tweety, Mickey Mouse etc.
  2. Mini Foil Balloon: These balloons are usually seen outside shopping malls where sellers sell them after putting balloons on a stick or a cup.
  3. Customized Foil Balloon:designed especially looking at customers’ needs and requirements.

2) Screen Print on Latex Balloons:

This is one of the common types of printed balloons that most of the corporate houses use to market their business’ goods and services. In screen printing on latex balloon, latex balloon is inflated and then screen printing is done on this inflated balloon. Once printing is done, the balloon is deflated back for selling reasons. A special kind of ink for screen printing that has elasticity properties and can expand according to the inflation of the latex balloon.

You can get your balloon customized according to the design, your business’s offerings, and any other message that you want to convey to your loved ones.

This is one of the finest methods of balloon printing that is running in trend these days.

3) Simple Screen Print on Latex Balloons

The process is similar to the screen printing on Latex Balloons but simple screen print means it involves low-cost, easy prints, and personalized prints that are the main sites of attractions of a perfect wedding day, anniversary day, birthday, official or any other unofficial occasions.

Latex Balloons are of superior quality, biodegradable, and does less harm to the environment.

Wrapping Up

It all depends on how special you want to make your special day? Organizing an event with customized printed balloons is gaining importance day by day.

Whether it is a wedding, any corporate event, or some other event that really means a lot in your life, Screen Printed balloons have always made an occasion, the outstanding one.

So, if you are planning to organize any mind-blowing party, don’t forget to call one of the best and affordable Screen Printing services providers.

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