5 Best Birthday Party Decoration Ideas With Balloons

It doesn’t matter if you’re an adult or a kid; balloons are loved by almost every age group. You can use them in almost every occasion, like weddings, functions, birthday parties. Mainly, they’re a key ingredient, in birthday parties of young kids, or adults. Considering the fact, you can decorate a birthday party by several ways by balloons. They are just compatible with any idea you have, but I am giving you best 5 decorations you can do with the help of balloons.

5 Best Birthday Party Decoration Ideas With Balloons

1. As a piece of decorations, you can tie them to long sticks, making them huge lollipops by covering them with cellophane. Kids would love this idea of yours. You can place them anywhere in the celebration room, like two at the entrance, near cake table or anywhere, the color that best suits it is red, pink, violet and cherry. At the end of the party, you can give them to the kids that acted good or the ones which you find cute or to all. I am sure they’re going to remember the party or long

2. You can also add some creativity by using paper, glue and scissors. You can make small balloons look like vegetables and fruits, by adding those leaves, and then hang them between the rooms by needling the thread through the tied ends of the balloons. The whole idea is great, but you need to do some efforts. Your rooftop will look nice. But be sure that you don’t make it low enough, as kids will destroy it.

3. If you’re thinking about trees, you can make kids a running apple tree by wearing them green t-shirt, covered with small red balloons. In fact, organize a theme based party on balloons, so that everybody can try something with the balloons, and finally giving it to you to make your birthday room cool and beautiful.

4. You can tie balloons to the photographs that are in the room. It will add extra features to the photos, and the whole room will look good and elegant. You can tie them, simply by threads, or to add eye candy, use ribbons. On a birthday party, your friends are going to love it. Trust me; you may end up telling them stories behind every picture.

5. At kid’s party, use your child’s extra toys and action figures to decorate walls. You can tie balloons to them, and paste them on the walls, where the party is going to be held. The kids would love them, and may end up getting those figures, but it doesn’t matter, as they already are broken and worthless, in a way, you decorated waste by using balloons.

These are my ideas to use balloons at birthday parties, you can come up with your on, as creativity doesn’t limit itself. You can use them, in any way you want, as far as they’re looking good. I hope you will be successful in impressing your guests.

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