Big idea: A Floating Device

Who thought that delivering happiness could become one’s job? Yes, it is true for Ashwin Kannan (30), Founder of famous website He delivers the balloons at your doorstep, mention himself as a ‘man who delivers happiness’. Kannan has many stories, in which his balloons have saved relationships, and got many people out of the trouble.

Big idea A Floating Device

He shared a story with us, he said he got a call once from a boy, to deliver 100 balloons, to his upset girlfriend’s door, on her birthday; he did, and saved the relationship. Later the boy thanked him. Since, the company isn’t a usual one, and one could hardly think about these kinds of startups, how can you assume the designations to be normal. Kannan is Chief Inflation Officer (CIO) at the company, followed by G Akil, who “goes to the venue or home with the deliveryman and is in charge of inflating the balloons”, basically, he’s delivery guy and his Chief Sculpting Officer, Vijay V, who sculpts balloons into different shapes and designs as per the requirements of the clients.

Kannan stated this happiness sharing business by chance; he was sitting 9 hours straight as a working schedule in Accenture in the HR department, wanted to do something on its own. He was literally tired of the job he was doing. Then one fine day, he had a chance to organize a marriage on a request of ex-leader, for his boss in Qatar. The kannan accepted that and managed the whole wedding. Kannan found that he is pretty good in this planning thing, found an event management company. But it somehow restricted his creativity and urge to do some unique. His exact words were “I wanted to do something exceptional and refreshingly different from any other entrepreneur.”

Event Management Company needs to buy lot of things, problem occurred, when they faced lack of balloons, then he thought of having it delivered like pizza or clothes.

Then he worked out everything, from buying helium cylinders to balloons, as hydrogen is inflammable, can harm kids and adults, if handled improperly. He made them according to his needs. From Kerala to Gurgaon and Coimbatore, Kannan bought balloons of different varieties and shapes. Day by day the business evolved, and rest we know is history.

He finds great happiness in delivering happiness. There are many stories I can tell, but no amount will be sufficient. Everybody in the town, now, knows this guy. The popularity just exponentially increased at last year’s Karnataka Mobile One App launch, when he was standing just 20 feet away from the President of India. Last week, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and his team released 700 balloons.

He is a great example of successful startups, and worked really hard to attain this. If your idea is unique, and you have full confidence that it would work, then stick to it, don’t lose it, and do whatever it takes, because if success was easy, everybody would have had it.

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