Be Cautious Of Helium Balloons- Keep An Eye On Your Children

Who does not like colorful balloons going up in the air? These balloons are generally used for the birthday parties for children or any other occasion of celebration such as wedding and welcoming ceremonies. But, what if they explode and turn into something which you never even expect? A burst of helium balloons can actually harm people in a very bad way. Last Sunday, a birthday party got spoiled because of an incident similar to this only. It came to notice later on that the helium balloons were filled with hydrogen gas, and it was because of the carelessness of the supplier of balloons that five children got badly hurt and others were scared to even speak.

Be Cautious of Helium Balloons

In this birthday party, a bunch of balloons exploded and caught fire after coming into the contact of a huge hot bulb, and a little girl even burnt her hair, in this ghastly incident. This incident is the worst example of sheer carelessness.

The benefits of using helium balloons is that, they are cheap as compared to foil balloons. They also look lovely, while floating in the air and the best of the decorations can be done through helium balloons, but while giving these balloons to your children to play with or while using them in parties, you need be a bit precocious.

How to use it on the Ceiling
-The static and invisible fibers on the ceilings can cause balloons to pop, so it is better to allow the balloons to remain tied to a pole for at least five to six hours before having its release to the ceiling. This will allow balloons to shrink enough so that the skin will also become thicker and tighter. After the span of five hours, leave some balloons to float to the ceiling, if these do not pop, it means that it is same to release more balloons, but in case they do pop, then give extra time and do the above test again.

Here are points to remember, while using Helium balloons:

Never inhale helium as helium can eliminate available oxygen for breathing. Inhaling helium can also result in a severe injury and can also lead to death, so it is better to take care of little children while they play with helium balloons, make sure that they do not inhale the gas. Helium is a non-toxic gas, but inhaling it can also result in loss of consciousness, due to lack of oxygen.

The balloons, sometimes become dangerous for little children, as children inhale the rubber balloons which can actually create blockages in the passage of the windpipe and this can result in a very serious and life-threatening diseases.

Balloons are not at all bad for children, but the mind of the innocent souls, hardly understand the pro and cons of a thing, so as a parent or guardian, one needs to careful while handling something to play, to the little kids.

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