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How To Make Helium Balloons Last Longer?

Balloons attract people of all ages and are a quintessential party decoration. They add an element of excitement to birthday, weddings and other events. You can create innovative pieces using different kinds of balloons. One of the popular ones is helium balloons. Helium balloons stand out due to their lightness, but they are also likely to deflate faster. If you want the balloon décor to stay fresh, then put these long-lasting helium balloons ideas into use.

Five Ways to Make Your Helium Balloons Last Longer

1. Avoid Sunlight:

For helium balloon outdoor party ideas, place the balloons away from sunlight as the heat can cause the gas to leak. It is best to keep them in cooler places and indoors to avoid temperature fluctuations in the balloon. If you’re planning an outdoor party with helium balloon decorating ideas, then you should cool them off by occasionally spraying water on the arrangement. Since helium molecules expand due to heat, they tend to deflate faster than usual. To make them last longer, inflate them only to 90% capacity.

2. Storage:

If the balloons are going to get used in multiple events, it is better to store them in specially created plastic bags or balloon bags. These bags are used by helium balloon decoration planners to preserve the balloons for later events to avoid last-minute rush or fuss.

3. Pet Precautions:

If you have pets around for a celebration with helium balloons, ensure they are away from the set-up. Helium is dangerous to inhale, and a helium balloon can blow up if scratched. That’s why it’s best to keep the pets away in a separate room.

4. Hi-Float:

Hi-Float is a non-toxic liquid solution that helps balloons to last longer at any event. The solution gets injected into latex helium-filled balloons, where it dries to form a coating that helps hold the helium. Go for the Hi-float option in a helium balloon for a birthday party or any other event that needs the decoration to last for more extended periods.

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