Tips To Keep The Balloons To Last Longer In Hot Weather

Hot weather does not allow balloons to stay outside for more than a day. We are here with some of the useful tips to keep the balloons to last longer in hot weather as well.

Tips To Keep the Balloons to Last Longer in Hot Weather

Top 11 Tips To Keep Balloons Last Longer

  1. Make sure you use the latex balloons that are of high-quality only. You can use Qualatex balloons during a warm day.
  2. If you have options other than latex balloons, you can go for it because latex balloons start disintegrating after few days of exposure to warm weather.
  3. Do not inflate the balloon to 100%. Leave some space so that it can absorb the excess of heat due to warm weather. The best way to do so is to inflate the balloon completely and then deflate small quantity of air from it. This gives space to the balloon that can be used for breathing in the case of hot weather.
  4. You can use large size balloons in hot weather because you will be inflating it to 90% only.
  5. If you can calculate the outside temperature and infuse the air at the same temperature inside the balloons, then it would be one of the best ways to keep your balloons last longer on a hot day.
  6. If you really want to float balloons on a hot day, do not forget to bring all the balloons inside when the temperature is low or we say at night. The fluctuating rise and fall of temperature may contract and expand your balloon and result in a balloon blast.
  7. Instead of using colorful balloons, prefer white balloons. The white color is a reflector so it reflects the sun rays and stays for a longer time.
  8. Avoid black color balloons. The black color is a good absorber if heat and hence absorbs the heat coming from the sun rays at a faster rate.
  9. If the weather is really hot outside or we say it is closer to 100 degrees of temperature, it is advised to give a shade to the balloon otherwise it will burst. You need to reduce the temperature level by covering the balloon and giving it a comfortable shade.
  10. When the weather is hot, most people use water to cool down the temperature but water is not a good alternative to hot weather especially for balloons. If you are using latex balloon, water will get dried and allow balloons to stick to one another. This will generate the heat between the two and encourage them to pop.
  11. You can use Mylar foil balloons on a hot day as they last longer than the latex balloons.

Final Words

It is quite difficult to decorate any party outdoors when the weather is hot but we do not say that is not impossible.

Above are some of the useful tips to keep the balloons to last longer in hot weather as well. Hopefully, you will find this information useful and consider to float your balloons for a longer duration.

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