Latex BalloonsLong Lasting Latex Balloons

Hot weather reduces the inflation of balloons, thus compromising the look of the décor. Here are some of the useful long-lasting latex balloons tips for summer:

  1. Make sure you use high-quality latex balloons for decoration. Qualatex balloons hold well on a warm day.
  2. If an event lasts for a few days, do spend more on better balloon options other than latex since latex balloons start disintegrating after a few days of exposure to warm weather.
  3. Never inflate a balloon to its 100% capacity. Leave some space to absorb the excess heat of warm weather. The best way to do so is to first inflate the balloon completely and then deflate a small quantity of air from it, giving it space to expand in the heat.
  4. Use large-size balloons in hot weather by inflating them only 90%.
  5. For a big outdoor balloon décor, keep a temperature calculator at hand. You can check the outdoor temperature and infuse the air of the same temperature inside the balloons. Balanced temperatures are one of the best ways to keep your balloons last longer on a hot day.
  6. In case you wish to float balloons on a hot day, do not forget to bring all the balloons inside the venue where the temperature is low. The fluctuating rise and fall of the temperature outdoors may contract and expand your balloon resulting in the balloons blasting.
  7. One of the outdoor party balloon decoration tips for a day event is to give preference to white balloons over colourful balloons. The white colour acts as a reflector and reflects the sun’s rays and lasts for a longer time.
  8. Avoid black-coloured balloons since it absorbs the heat coming from the sun’s rays at a faster rate. The increase in temperature causes the black balloons to burst sooner.
  9. If the weather is really hot outside it is advisable to create the balloon décor under a shaded area. One of the last longer balloon decoration ideas is to ensure to lower the temperature level to avoid bursting the balloons.
  10. When the weather is hot, most people use water to cool the outdoor balloons. This is to be avoided for latex balloons since the balloons tend to stick to one another. The rubbing of balloons generates heat, leading them to pop.
  11. Mylar foil balloons are a better option for an event on a hot day as they last longer than latex balloons.

Long Lasting Latex Balloons

Outdoor balloon décor is quite difficult compared to indoor decor due to the hot weather, but the above useful ways to make last longer latex balloons will help your event go on without fuss.

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