Blast Your Wedding Occasion With These Balloon Decorating Ideas

Weddings are special occasions. People like to cherish each and every moment of the wedding day. The wedding venue is often decorated so that it looks grand. There are different decorative themes and styles followed. Balloons are an integral part of the decoration. Any decoration theme requires a balloon. They are special and everybody loves them. A balloon decoration makes the event look more grand and happening.

Blast your wedding occasion with these balloon decorating ideas

There are different creative ways of doing a balloon decoration. Some of the most interesting ideas for balloon decoration are mentioned below:


A wedding cake is always served to all the guests at the time of a wedding. You can add a string tied to a balloon on the type of the cake. This will make the wedding cake look more elegant.

Stick Balloons

You can stick balloons to each and every chair and tables which will be arranged inside in the venue. This will make even a simple thing like chair and table look special. Guests will feel happy and joyful as they will be surrounded by balloons throughout the wedding.

Fill The Balloons

You can fill the balloons with small papers, glitters, and confetti so that they look different. Plain looking balloons also look good but balloons filled with special stuff inside it generate more curiosity. Also when they burst, people get more thrilled as all the stuff inside it falls on their body.

Write On Balloons

You can also write some interesting stuff on the balloons, stick some interesting pictures of the bride and groom, add some glitters to make them look more interesting. Balloons can be used for giving directions to the guests to arrive at the desired location when they are inside the venue for eg. ‘Turn right’, ‘Turn left’ etc.

Create Backdrops

Create some interesting backdrops with the help of balloons and make them the selfie spot. People can go there and take selfies.

Names On Letter Balloons

Letter balloons can make the event more special for the bride and groom. Arrange their names and stick them against a backdrop.

Follow Theme If Any

If you are following a theme of any particular color at the wedding then it makes sense to decorate the venue with balloons made of that particular color. For eg, if you are using only white and red combination theme then make use of only white and red balloons at the wedding.

Create Venue For Kids To Play

You can arrange all balloons at one particular corner of the venue where kids can play. This will be a kid’s zone where you can do all fun activities with kids with the help of balloons.

Float Balloons

You can give balloon (tied to a string) to every guest at the venue and ask them to release the string at once in the air at the end of the wedding as a mark of celebration. This will become an interesting gesture for the bride and groom.

Burst Balloon

Lastly, you can arrange a big balloon at the center of the hall of the wedding venue. You can burst the balloon when the bride and groom take wedding vows. It will create a ‘Wow’ factor and make the moment more special.

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