10 Simple And Cheap Party Decoration Ideas

If your loving kid’s birthday party is due this season, then you might have already started planning for the same. We are here with 10 simple and top balloon party decoration tips that would not only allow you to throw a memorable party but also make your kids’ day special cheaply or inexpensively.

10 Simple and Cheap Party Decoration Ideas

Balloon Garden

If you are planning to throw your party in your garden then it is always a better idea to buy some colorful balloons and decorate your garden using them. You can either create an arc at the entrance area or hand balloons to the golf ties to give a completely different look to your garden.


Garland of flowers is a common these days. Balloon garland is a new trend that is winning over the social media these days. You can use colorful balloons and create a long-garland to decorate the entrance area of your party area.

Decorating return gifts with balloons

The other thing that you can do using balloons is to tie the balloons over the return gifts. If it is a kid’s party, then your guests would mostly be the kids only. While giving return gifts to the kids, you can hang a balloon to make your return gifts exciting.

Balloon cone

Ice-cream cone isn’t new. Balloon cone is though new but can be easily created at home. All you need to do is to inflate colorful balloons and stick them to the cone-shaped cups to give it an ice-cream look.

A wall of the balloon

Its quite interesting and new trick. Create a balloon wall may be at the center stage where the guests can click their pictures and capture their memorable moments in camera.

Use wrapping paper as a Table Runner

Instead of spending your hard-earned money in buying a good-looking tablecloth for cake-cutting, it is advised to buy a wrapping paper and use it as a table runner. Now take some colorful balloons and tie them with a string to make your table simply amazing.

Ceiling Decoration

You can ask decorators to decorate the ceiling area of the part hall but if you want to celebrate your kids’ birthday in a cost-effective manner then use your creative skills to decorate the ceiling area in a new way.

Glowing balloons

Yes, you read it right. Before inflating colorful balloons, you can insert glowing sticks inside the balloons and then inflate them to their capacity. Make sure you don’t inflate the balloons to 100% capacity. Always leave some space so that balloons can stay longer.

Named balloons

With the return gifts, you can also attach labeled balloons with the name of the guests or the party host labeled on it.

Use frozen balloons as ice cubes

If you don’t want to put yourself in the hassle of putting your hands in the cold water or ice again and again, then you can put the inflated balloons that have been frozen.

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