32 Unexpected Things To Do With Balloons

It is guaranteed that everyone has filled up at least one balloon in his/her life. They’re great toys, even having a simple principle; fill air to make it big. They can be great decoration items and could be used in different forms. In this article, I will be telling you 32 things, which you can never imagine could be done by using balloons.

32 Unexpected Things With Balloons

32 Unexpected Things To Do With Balloons

  1. As told you earlier, they’re great decoration items. You can glue pom poms to them and increase their beauty. They look some cake with fruits as toppings.
  2. A balloon is incomplete without a thread. Instead of using thread to hold them with long streamers, feathers, sparkle ribbons, or anything that is shiny and could be used for tying.
  3. You can recreate your vases by covering them with balloons and putting the flowers in the whole. It looks great and creative.
  4. How would you react if someone you love gives you a box full of balloons? Yeah1 you can try that, and swipe his/her feet off the ground.
  5. You can be a party rocker with them. You can keep the drinks chilled by freezing water balloons and keeping bottles and them in one container. They melted? No problem, you can just refreeze them.
  6. Print party invitation details on the balloons and send them with an invitation card that says blow up. It is a pretty creative way to invite people.
  7. Make your child or any known kid around you a drummer. Simple wrap them around some container tightly and hand the child two sticks.
  8. Just like little colorful papers, you can use them in a drop. Imagine falling balloons at your party or wedding from the sky.
  9. Tie them with your display pictures with some decorations on the balloons like ribbons or something that looks good. It is a creative way to show your memories to someone.
  10. Hang tiny dolls or people toys with the balloons and past them against a wall. It looks good and creative.
  11. You can just sprinkle some gold paint on them to make them look better and then use them for decoration
  12. You can gift your close friend or someone special gift of bubble gums
  13. It is the most used thing with a balloon. Add confetti to it before blowing it up in a birthday party and when you puncture, it will spread all over.
  14. You can add money with confetti and gift them. Creative way to give the money back from someone you have taken.
  15. Put LED bulbs before blowing up in them and have colorful stars below your roof.
  16. You can use it with the pots in which you have grown flowers. Use them as a center piece and make them look creative.
  17. You can tie them with threads, all of them and then spread it over your room. You can use paper to make them look like fruits and vegetables.
  18. You can make a balloon bouncy ball and your child will be extremely happy. As we know, kids love bouncy balls.
  19. Hang giant red balloons with black strips of paper glued on them. They will look like strawberries and look good in a party or get together.
  20. Instead of piñatas or anything, hang water balloons using colorful ribbons.
  21. Organize a water party and fill them with non-toxic paint, and have a water balloons fight.
  22. Use rubber band instead of thread and make them Yo-Yos. Your kid is going to love that
  23. Cut the throat of a balloon and wrap round the bottom of the mason jars. Now you got great work of art
  24. You can wrap jute rope, or stripped paper around them. Basically, you can use them as molds and then use the final outcome around the lights.
  25. Cover your kid with red balloons and make him/her a running apple tree, you can just win a fancy dress competition.
  26. You can use a balloon as a mold for a votive holder made from a doily and place light bulbs between them. The whole piece looks divine.
  27. Hang them from the rafters with macramè. They look great and you can show people your creativity.
  28. Join all the balloons with a thread by needling it on the tied and loose ends of the balloons. They look great on the roof. Get your house ready for a party
  29. Wrap transparent polythene bags or cellophane around them and support them with big sticks. They will look like giant lollipops and you’re ready for a candy themed party.
  30. Hang them from the roof and make your house look good
  31. Freeze an LED tea light into a water balloon to create a winter “fire and ice” lantern.
  32. Make a water balloon to end all water balloons. You can fill a giant water balloon with small water balloons.

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