5 Innovative Costume Ideas Involving Balloons

Balloons can be great tool for creativity. You can literally use them on any occasion. The canvass they offer to work is quite big, and if you have any creative ideas to use them, you can, and impress the people around you. Balloons are always considered to be good toys for kids, but besides that, you can use them for your creativity, and do various things. Costume made by balloons for your children, can make them happy at their birthday party, or at any occasion. Let’s discuss five innovative ideas to use them.

5 Innovative Costume Ideas Involving Balloons

1. You can make running trees. The costume is simple to design, and kids love trees. All you have to do is, take a green t-shirt and with needle and thread, tie the red balloons to it. Make sure the t-shirt is old; otherwise, you will ruin a new t-shirt. After doing it, your child will look like an apple tree. You can also try it with yellow balloons. In that case, the kid will look like a mango tree. You can also add different colors, just to make them look like different fruits.

2. In a fancy dress competition, you can make your child any fruit or vegetable, by simple making a structure of cardboard, in a shape of that fruit or vegetable, and then pasting the similar color balloons to it. The whole cardboard should be covered with them, and the rest of the visible space, should be painted by same color. You could just end up winning it, with such a creative idea.

3. You can tie balloons, to your young girl child’s skirt, at the border, in order to make it colorful. You just have to needle them with the help of thread across the border line. The balloons should be small, and of the same color of the skirt. They will look very beautiful, and everyone will admire your little cute princess.

4. If you’re planning to make your kid, an animal, like dog or a cat, or anything, in a fancy dress competition, you can use, to give details to the dress, like; covering the whole tail of the animal, by balloons.it will look more realistic. You can also try, giving different colors to the skin of the animal dress. On overall, you can add your creativity, to use balloons on the dress, in anyway, to make it more eye catching.

5. You can tie balloons, to the old toys of your kids, broken or useless, and then paste them on the dress. The whole thing would look weird, but the creativity of the dress, will increase the appeal to the eyes. They’re going to look way beautiful and you may end up, making your kid happy. You can try anything with the balloons. When it comes to balloons, you can make any type of costume out of them. It all depends on your creativity, and approach to the dress. You can use cardboard or anything. Good luck with whatever you’re planning to do with them.

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