How To Surprise Someone On Their Birthday

Who doesn’t love birthdays? Surprise parties are the one of the best gifts you can give to the birthday boy or girl. People always search the internet or asked their friends how to surprise someone on their birthday. Don’t worry folks, here is a list of few ideas which you can use to surprise your beloved ones on their birthday. Lets see some points about birthday party decorations in Bangalore.

birthday party decorations in Bangalore

Video Collage

Make a video collage by collecting the pictures of the birthday baby. It will be a perfect gift if the person is far away. You can also ask his/her friends to make a short 15 sec video giving their blessings and wishes. You can combine all the videos and share it with the birthday baby.

Balloon Surprise

You will find balloons in almost all the birthday parties. There is no better way to surprise the birthday baby by filling their room or closets with balloons. You can also add some messages on the balloons if you have time.

Thread Surprise

This is a new trend which is getting popular nowadays. Attach the gift to the birthday baby’s finger using the thread when they are sleeping. Don’t forget to record his/her reaction when the person wakes up and see a gift attached to his/her finger.

Mail Surprise

If you are planning to send surprise birthday gift to your friend who is living in another city, then you can courier multiple gifts like flowers, cakes. But you have to make sure that the person receives first thing on their birthdays. It will definitely be a surprise.

Food Surprise

Cook some awesome breakfast for the birthday baby. Make sure that you prepare his/her favourite food and present in a beautiful way.

Treasure Hunt Gift Surprise

This is a more fun and exciting than handing a gift directly. All you have to do is keep the hints on the place where the person spends most of their time like hiding the notes in the closet or dressing table. Place the hints in such a way that the person will find the gift following the notes. This will definitely be the best surprise gift.

Perfect Gift

What another way to surprise the birthday baby with their dream gift? Make sure that you enquire others to find out the things he/she likes and surprise them on their birthday.

Tickets Surprise

You can surprise the birthday baby with the ticket to their favourite show or favourite place. If the person likes to travel, you can buy flight tickets or hotel booking tickets and surprise them.

Sketch Surprise

Find an excellent sketch artist and make a beautiful sketch of the birthday baby. You have to choose the best picture of the person and place the sketch in a place where they will find it. The Sketch will be a wonderful surprise for the birthday baby.

You will find a lot of birthday party decorations in Bangalore. You can find plenty of party planners on the internet, who can help you in throwing a surprise party at an affordable cost.

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